The de Young Museum consists of Brochure Design and a mobile app. This project started with a Brochure and later made into a mobile app. Brochure was designed for new and experienced audience storytelling the history and basic information, such as hours, cafe menu and more. While the mobile app does the same, there are a few great new features, like ticket purchasing and interactive map.

The ticket can be purchased and makes it easier for Users to go paperless. For Users, who don’t know the museum, the interactive map can show the users where each location is. By adding two different obstacles for the de Young Museum, two different logos are made. For any Print and Publication (Left) and any App-related(Right). The style, mood and feel are made coherently to the brand.


Print and Mobile App Logo


Brochure Spreads

Cover Page

de young brochure-full version_Page_01

de young brochure-full version_Page_02

Table of Contents

de young brochure-full version_Page_03

Architecture and Grounds

de young brochure-full version_Page_04

Landscape Design

de young brochure-full version_Page_05

Figures and Architects

de young brochure-full version_Page_06

History of the de Young Museum

de young brochure-full version_Page_07

de young brochure-full version_Page_08

Museum Cafe

de young brochure-full version_Page_09

Floor Plan

de young brochure-full version_Page_10

Hours and Admission

de young brochure-full version_Page_11

Back Page

de young brochure-full version_Page_12

User Flow Chart

Problem: The biggest challenge to this project is to keep the essentially, the brand. There are many icons that is connected to a specific category. There are challenges in the responsive side, tablet and mobile. By Visually introducing the two different sizes, this will ensure the possibility of good interaction between the users

Solution: By wireframing the app first, this ensures the consistency and hierarchy within the category. But there are couple of features, like ticket purchasing, interactive map, and exhibition category that is not featured inside the brochure. By adding these extra features, this will make the user experience efficient and easy.


iPad App




iPhone App


Demo Walk Through